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The Penny Pinchers

If cheap is what you are, this is the place to be! :)

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This community was started because I noticed that most of my friends were broke, just like me. Even with good jobs that have good benefits, its difficult to live comfortably in this day and age in America. So, I created a place where tips on living within one's means could be posted. Its a support group, of sorts, for the frugal and the not-so-frugal-but-wish-to-be. As I once read, if you want to spend your money, you'll find plenty of help. If you want to keep your money, you're on your own.

Well, now you no longer have to be. Welcome to Penny Pinchers R Us. :D


There really aren't many.

1) If your entry is huge, please LJ-cut. I really don't want my friends page killed by huge posts. Thanks. ETA March 26, 2008: To clarify a "huge post" is defined in this community as "any post that contains more than 5 paragraphs which in themselves contain more than 6 sentences each."

2) Off Topic posts are okay once in a while, but if you do post off-topic, please state that it is an OT post in your subject line.

3) Be courteous to each other. Its just common sense. If you don't want someone flaming your post, don't flame someone elses.

4) Don't suggest strategies for saving money that are flat-out illegal. Morality is somewhat subjective, so while we will play that one by ear I urge you to use your common sense. If it is something you would be embarrassed to tell your mother about, then don't post it.

5) As to the subject of subject lines, please, please, PLEASE put something descriptive in the subject line, especially if you are utilizing a LJ-cut. It makes things easier on those members how have dozens of communities to read through on a daily basis. For example: If you are posting a question on how to save on gas or cut down on gasoline usage, the subject line should read something like, "Tips on cutting back on gasoline?" However, if you are posting a list of tips on how to conserve gasoline, then "10 Ways to Conserve Gas," is definitely more appropriate.

Beyond that, just have a good time. :)